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The LA212x is a 3-way fully horn loaded, axially symmetric, line array element, capable of producing crystal clear, detailed and extremely powerful audio performance over distance, with an exceptional 90° horizontal constant dispersion control. Being completely symmetric this line array is capable of generating virtually identical acoustic sound patterns on the right and left which allows for an easy, accurate and symmetric alignment. It incorporates a number of technologies to produce a coherent vertical wave front, extreme sound pressure levels with exceptional accuracy and specially consistent horizontal coverage over a wide frequency range, kept down to 250 Hz. Maintaining directivity control over this wide bandwidth raises the ratio of direct-to-reflected energy, thereby increasing system intelligibility. The LA212x was carefully designed to precisely match all the path lenghts from the throat to the mouth of the device. The generated sound wave has a flat and isophasic wavefront that meets a diffraction slot which mantains a constant horizontal directivity. By vertically limiting and spreading on the horizontal plane, this line array, creates a cylindrical wave with minimal lobing when coupling with other units.

Product Type
3-Way Horn-Loaded Line Array Element
Frequency Response (-6dB)
60Hz – 19.000Hz
Low Frequency Extension (-10dB)
Nominal Coverage (-6dB)
90º (Down to 280Hz) x 8º
LF Nominal Impedance
2 x 8Ω
MF Nominal Impedance
HF Nominal Impedance
Frequency / Type of X-Over (LF to MF)
350Hz, 24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley
Frequency / Type of X-Over (MF to HF)
1050Hz, 48dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley
Recommended High-Pass Filter
75Hz, 24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley
LF Sensitivity (1W, 1m)
106dB (Full-Space)
MF Sensitivity (1W, 1m)
112dB (Full-Space)
HF Sensitivity (1W, 1m)
114.5dB (Full-Space)
Maximum SPL (calculated)
138dB / 144dB (Full-Space)
LF Maximum SPL (calculated)
138dB / 144dB (Full-Space)
MF Maximum SPL (calculated)
139dB / 145dB (Full-Space)
HF Maximum SPL (calculated)
138dB / 144dB (Full-Space)
Low Frequency Driver
2 x 12″ (300mm) / 3″ (76mm) VC, Neodymium, B&C custom speaker
Medium Frequency Driver
1 x 10″ (250mm) / 2.5″ (65mm) VC, B&C custom speaker
High Frequency Driver
2 x 1.4″ (36mm) exit / 3″ (75mm) VC, B&C custom compression driver
Low Frequency Driver Power
Program: 1600W / Peak: 3200W (10ms)
Medium Frequency Driver Power
Program: 500W / Peak: 1000W (10ms)
High Frequency Driver Power
Program: 440W / Peak: 880W (10ms)
Input Connectors
2 x Neutrik NL8
Recommended Amplifier
Adjustable (0º to 8º) rigging system
1 on each side, 2 on the back
Black Perforated Steel
15mm Multi-Laminate Birch Plywood
Semi-Matte Black Textured Coating
Dimensions (WxHxD)
1020 x 380 x 501 mm
Net Weight
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