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NEXT M8 Dummy

The MATRIX M8 passive column array consists of closely spaced, state-of-the-art 3″ neodymium transducers housed in an elegant yet robust aluminum/wooden enclosure for are housed in excellent architectural integration.

This speaker is designed to provide the highest intelligibility at high SPL and a wider frequency response while providing a constant beamwidth across a user-selectable vertical coverage. This precise beam control extends up to 10 kHz and goes thus far exceeding the 4kHz benchmark of traditional single driver speakers.

To better control the lower frequencies, Tuned Dipolar technology was developed by NEXT-proaudio engineers to provide much more consistent control of the low frequency pattern than other systems of similar size A user-selectable music/singing mode switch is integrated
to allow for quick and easy system optimization. Music mode offers a flat, balanced frequency response, while Singing mode adds mid-range presence for improved speech intelligibility.

The M8 column array is able to focus acoustic energy where it is needed in the listening area, resulting in significant improvements in speech intelligibility and musical clarity even in critical acoustic environments.
For even greater versatility, the vertical beam pattern can be switched for wide or narrow coverage. Small traditional column speaker arrays do not provide significant control of vertical directivity at lower frequencies due to their physical size.
To better control the lower frequencies, Tuned Dipolar technology was developed to provide more consistent control of the low frequency pattern than other similar sized systems. This can be useful to reduce the excitation of resonant spatial modes at low frequencies.

The heart of the Matrix M8 is the internal processor board. This proprietary special circuit provides array optimization and allows the user to easily adapt the system behavior to the needs of the application.
For an architecturally integrated installation, a 16mm cavity on the back of the speaker provides ample space for hidden speaker wiring, even when the speaker is mounted flat against a wall.
The removable input screw connector provides reliable, easier and more efficient wiring. A variety of accessories are available for connection, suspension and wall or pole mounting.

Product Type
Variable Beam Tuned Dipolar Straight Line Array
Frequency response (-10dB)
135Hz – 20kHz
Nominal coverage (-6dB)
90º (+/-20º 1,5-5 kHz) H x 25º (+/-10º 1,2-16 kHz) / (+10º/-5º 1,5-16 kHz) V
Program power
Nominal impedance

Sensitivity (1W, 1m)
97dB (music) / 100dB (singing)
Maximum SPL (calculated)
123.1 dB (music) / 126.1 dB (vocals)
Full Range Driver
8 x 3″ (70mm)/0.75″ (20mm) VC custom neodymium speaker
Input connector
4-pin screw connector (IN/OUT)
Recommended subwoofer
HFA115s, HFA115sHP, HFA118sHP
Recommended amplifier
Special Features
Vocal or Music / Narrow or Wide (user selectable)
aluminum / wood / steel / 3D fabric
Dimensions (WxHxD)
108 x 685 x 153 mm
Net Weight

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